We are all a part of the same journey…


There is no easy path to walk whilst facing the loss of love, except to be not for ourselves alone! To be free of pain and to explore the gratitude of life’s experiences.

Knowing your destiny awaits you beyond the sadness of souls departing. Ending the chapter or even the book.. life rolls on until the last gentle breath…

I will live every minute of my life, even the very last one… there is no end to what I would give, and in that I gave. Understanding my journey was to shield and succour those I’ve loved.

There is nought that I carry that is not my own burden, in the willingness to free others from theirs… I know my strength is in my understanding of others and the storms they endured…

Knowing my indomitable spirit will endure, to remain compassionate in its willingness understand life’s purpose.to look upto the stars and know we are all one ~ The Motive 🙏🏽💕

Author: Only One, But a lion!

Only One; But A Lion! Writer, blogger and explorer of life... Writer, blogger and explorer of humanity-single dad-story teller-giver of hugs... wiper of tears- I am imperfect.. but hope is eternal 💕 Exploring the Motive of Conversation, events, who we are and how to heal from trauma... These are my words, from my soul, bound with hope, love and a willingness to share, to open the minds, hearts and souls of others ~ Hope - it’s the best and last of all things ~ The Motive

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