Life is a journey… not a destination…


Don’t be sad about this… part of the journey is the end… life if it’s lived is full of moments… moments of deep and compelling love, and moments of deep and extremely sad grief… all of these moments lead us to our destination… it is eventually a choice.. let the heart and soul remember the beautiful moments… but like all journeys there is an end…

we often look back and wish things were different, but it’s impossible to change the past… impossible to travel back in time and who wants to live in regret? Not me, not you… not anyone… So we (all of us) have a choice… feel the essence of it resonate in your soul… and let the memory of the beautiful moments become the most important and courageous part of your soul…

just don’t be sorry you walked this journey, it was yours, ours, everyone’s.. it is life and every journey comes to an end ~ The Motive 🙏🏽💕

Author: Only One, But a lion!

Only One; But A Lion! Writer, blogger and explorer of life... Writer, blogger and explorer of humanity-single dad-story teller-giver of hugs... wiper of tears- I am imperfect.. but hope is eternal 💕 Exploring the Motive of Conversation, events, who we are and how to heal from trauma... These are my words, from my soul, bound with hope, love and a willingness to share, to open the minds, hearts and souls of others ~ Hope - it’s the best and last of all things ~ The Motive

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