Love? A life long commitment! Maybe? or is it?

I realised that through my own failure came the opportunity to grow, to evolve… after the on going failure I’d inflicted on myself and those I love, it was eventually time to become more… but only after I’d reflected on the chaos and disruption I’d experienced…

i realised that I’d been shown my reflection too, someone who was also on a journey and had spent time in trauma, developing a path of deception, but I totally understood why…

but Love? I believe so, how do you commit to someone when you are in a place of imbalance and failure… we all at some stage fail, fall and hide… when you meet “the one” you want to commit… but the truth is we should commit to evolving, commitment to being the complete soul that we want to be… then we can meet our twin in that place and explore absolute love 🙏🏼❤️ ~ The Motive

Author: Only One, But a lion!

Only One; But A Lion! Writer, blogger and explorer of life... Writer, blogger and explorer of humanity-single dad-story teller-giver of hugs... wiper of tears- I am imperfect.. but hope is eternal 💕 Exploring the Motive of Conversation, events, who we are and how to heal from trauma... These are my words, from my soul, bound with hope, love and a willingness to share, to open the minds, hearts and souls of others ~ Hope - it’s the best and last of all things ~ The Motive

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